Seal of Grand Lodge

sealWhen the Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan was constituted on August 9, 1906 the first Grand Master M. W. Bro. Harry H. Campkin was delegated to have a Grand Seal made.

The final design incorporated the seal of the United Grand Lodge of England but adding the armorial ensign of the Province of Saskatchewan and the date of The Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan being constituted. 

The description of our Seal is as follows:

  • Within an annulus, “Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan, Ancient Free & Accepted Masons”
  • At the Top, The Ark of the Covenant, this contained the Ten Commandants, guarded by two Cherubim.

In the centre a shield divided into six parts, these are:

  • Top left – Two Towers over the Square and Compass
  • Top centre – A golden lion rampant (standing on hind legs)
  • Top right – An Ox passant (walking with the right forefoot raised and the head looking to the right).
  • Bottom left – Our Saskatchewan Coat of Arms, a crouching lion over three sheaves of wheat.
  • Bottom Centre – A man (preacher) with hand elevated, denoting reverence
  • Bottom right – A golden eagle displayed or erect, with the wing spread out.

On either side of the shield are two Cherubim or “living creatures” each with an out spread wing. Below the Shield is a scroll bearing the words of our motto “Audi, Vide, Tace” meaning hear, see, be silent. At the bottom, August 9, 5906, the date of the constitution of The Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan

The right half of the shield is divided into four departments by means of four operative squares. This part of the shield represents the four principal tribes of Israel. These being:

  • The lion was the banner of Judah
  • The ox was the banner of Ephraim
  • The preacher was the banner of Reuben
  • The eagle was the banner of Dan


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