MW Bro. Dan Olmsted - December 2020

MW Bro. Dan Olmsted - December 2020 Musings

MW Bro Dan Olmsted - December 2020 [PDF]

   "Dispensing Light through Happiness”

December was the first month of the winter season and the tenth month of the
year a century before the birth of Christ. When Julius Caesar reformed the calendar
and added January and February, making December the twelfth month, its name
did not change.


The year 2020 has almost come to an end and 2021 is just around the corner. I encourage brethren to consider
donations to one or more of our charities, some of which are tax deductible.

The Freemasonry & Youth Endowment Fund established in 1955
Donations can be directed to the Youth Leadership Camp, the Order of DeMolay, Job’s Daughters or the Masonic
Youth trust fund. These funds provide assistance and support to our youth programs and scholarships. Remember,
“the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow .” Donations to this fund are eligible for a charity tax receipt.

The Saskatchewan Masonic Foundation established in 1992
The purpose is to help people who need financial assistance because of low income or unforeseen circumstances. The
trust assists families or individuals who need help with expenses as they relate to medical diseases, medical
equipment, support for parents to accompany children during out of province medical treatments. Eligible uses of the
trust fund are listed on our website. Donations to this fund are eligible for a charity tax receipt.

Benevolent Fund established in 1906
The purpose of this fund is to assist Masonic Brethren in good standing, the widows, orphans of dependents. It also
assists Lodges to retain the membership of those brothers who are unable to attend due to confinement to home or a
nursing care facility. Revenue for this fund comes from registration fees for each new candidate and
returns from investment funds. This fund is not registered with Revenue Canada.

Benefit Fund established in 1949
This fund is used for assistance in any case or cases of need, charity and/or emergency arising anywhere at any time.
Revenue for the fund comes from annual fees for each dues paying member and returns from investment funds. The
fund is not registered with Revenue Canada.

When we are initiated, one of the first lessons we are taught is that Masonic Charity should have no bounds and
should be cherished as a truly Masonic ornament. Freemasonry is not, in itself, a charitable organization. Charity is
not the primary purpose of our order, but charity is an intrinsic part of the whole Masonic system. Charity or relief in
a Masonic sense has a much broader meaning, and embraces affection and good will to all mankind. Charity or relief
is not simply providing money to relieve distress but actually caring and giving our time and talents in service of our
communities. The more we give, the more we will receive. Studies have shown that people who give themselves to
others tend to be happier. Charity should always be a distinguishing characteristic of every Freemason.


"You aren't in this world for what you can get out of it, but for the service you can render." Neil J. (Piffles) Taylor  Bro. Will Rogers


Stay Safe and Happy.
MW Bro. Dan Olmsted , Grand Master, 2020-2021