MW Bro. Dan Olmsted - September 2020

MW Bro. Dan Olmsted - September 2020 Musings

MW Bro Dan Olmsted - September 2020 [PDF]

   "Dispensing Light through Happiness”

September was the seventh month when the year was but ten months, before the
reforming of the calendar by Julius Caesar. Its name was taken from the Latin word
that means “seven.” After January and February were added its name was not



Brethren: The dogdays of summer are coming to an end and now we transition into the fall . This is the time of year that we are all anxious to attend Lodge and meet up with our brothers. Returning to our normal activities and way of life does not seem to be in the near future. You might be feeling lost, confused, concerned or frustrated with this situation you have no control over. I thank you for your continued patience and understanding. I truly miss seeing the smile and expression of Brotherly Love while receiving a firm handshake from a brother.

I am working on guidelines for balloting, election and installation of officers with the assistance of the Committee on Grand Master’s Address and Jurisprudence and my Grand Line officers. We will try to figure out a way that we can safely resume degree work without diminishing the experience for the candidate while maintaining our ritual in its true form. My hope is to have guidelines developed this month. I must continue to emphasize to meet only if essential business is required. Please do not forget those brethren who have underlying health conditions or are not comfortable in attending Lodge.

Character: is the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.

Being of good moral character is what grounds us as Freemasons. It is this moral foundation on which the brethren build their individual character. Freemasonry attempts to build your character step by step by the lessons and tools provided to us in the charges and ritual work. Freemasons are encouraged to be generous of heart, honest, faithful, respectful, prudent and tolerant. Freemasons are encouraged to be a good husband , father and citizen. Freemasons believe in freedom of religion and freedom of thought. A Freemason believes in justice to all no matter the rank or status in society. Freemasons believe in moderation in indulgences so as to not harm themselves or others. A Freemason is dedicated to good acts, not for himself or for praise but for the cause of good. A Freemason endeavors to be happy and contribute to the happiness to others.

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are…the true test of a man's character is what he does when no one is watching.” John Wooden

Stay Safe and Happy.
MW Bro. Dan Olmsted , Grand Master, 2020-2021