St. John's Lodge No. 106, Assiniboia


1st Thursday
8:00 p.m.
Recessed: August, September


105 - 4th Ave. East



District No. 3


Constituted: St. John's No. 106, 1914

Amalgamated: Glentworth No. 201 and Meyronne No. 128, 1966
(New name: Glentworth No. 128)

Amalgamated: Woodrow No. 112 and Glentworth No. 128, 1982
(New name: Woodrow-Glentworth No. 112)

Amalgamated: Woodrow-Glentworth No. 112 and Limerick No. 109, 1991
(New name: Limerick No. 109)

Amalgamated: Limerick No. 109, 1997

Amalgamated: Verwood No. 177, 2002

Amalgamated: Rockglen No. 208, 2004

Amalgamated: Mossbank No. 129, 2006

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Best Practices

The report on Best Practices in our jurisdiction is now available to read online and download.

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2019 Constitution

The latest version of the constitution of Grand Lodge is now available to download.

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First Annual Masonic Symposium Results

Results of the round table discussions and participant surveys are now available.

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