Maple Leaf Lodge No. 9, Maple Creek


2nd Thursday
7:30 p.m.
Recessed: July, August


Maple Creek Elks



District No. 8


Instituted: 1893

Constituted: Maple Leaf No. 9, 1906

The first lodge meetings in Maple Creek were held on the third floor of the Dixon Store Building from 1893 to 1937. Then, from 1937 to 1960, the brethren of Maple Leaf Lodge rented the second floor of the Wasno Store Building. In 1960 the members decided to rent the new lOaF Hall. However, in April, 2001, the building was sold by the lOaF to a new owner who converted the building for other purposes.
Following the sale and until September, 2002, lodge meetings were held in one of the available rooms in the Maple Creek Legion Hall. During this time, with some financing provided by the members of Maple Leaf Lodge and some volunteer labour, a very suitable area on the lower floor of the Elks Hall was converted into an excellent Lodge Hall. Maple Leaf Lodge held its first meeting in the new hall on September 30, 2002.