Moosomin Lodge No. 7, Moosomin


1st Wednesday
7:00 p.m.
Recessed: August, September


713 Carlton Street


Secretary:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
District No. 9


Instituted: 1886

Constituted: Moosomin No. 7, 1906

Amalgamated: Ashlar No. 8 and Ekapo No. 38, 1980
(New name: Ashlar-Ekapo No. 8)
Amalgamated: Ashlar-Ekapo No. 8, 1987

Amalgamated: Welwyn No. 161 and Rocanville No. 61, 1957
(New name: Rocanville No. 61)
Amalgamated: Rocanville No. 61, 1992

Amalgamated: Wapella No. 37 and Composite No. 103, 1968
(New name: Composite No. 103)
Amalgamated: Wawota No. 150 and Maryfield No. 94, 1978
(New name: Maryfield No. 94)
Amalgamated: Composite No. 103 and Maryfield No. 94, 1984
(New name: Maryfield No. 94)
Amalgamated: Maryfield No. 94, 2004


The Orange Order built the Orange Hall in 1885 and Masons rented the top floor as their lodge as soon as the building was completed. Prior to that Masons had met in Binsscarth Hall, the first hall to be built in Moosomim.
In 1905 the White Building burned down and the Masons lost all their regalia and furniture. Charter
member John McGuirl made new furniture to replace what had been lost.
In 1961 the former curling rink was purchased from the town ofMoosomin and demolished. A Masonic
Temple was built on this site and opened May 10, 1962. W Bro K.A. Prince laid the cornerstone. He
was the oldest member of Moosomin Lodge both in years of age and years of membership and had
served as Worshipful Master in 1905.



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