• <h3>Grand Master 2019-2020</h3><p>MW Bro.&nbsp;Robert Montague is elected as <a href="/index.php/grand-lodge/grand-master" data-mce-href="/index.php/grand-lodge/grand-master">Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan</a> for the current year.</p>
  • <h3>2019 Masonic Youth Leadership Camp</h3><p>This year's camp has wrapped up. <a href="http://masonicyouthleadershipcamp.com/index.php/camp-blog" data-mce-href="http://masonicyouthleadershipcamp.com/index.php/camp-blog"><strong>Learn more on how it went by reading the camp blog</strong></a>.</p>

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2019 Constitution

The latest version of the constitution of Grand Lodge is now available to download.

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First Annual Masonic Symposium Results

Results of the round table discussions and participant surveys are now available.

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