• <h3>Grand Master 2018-2019</h3><div style="">MW Bro. Don Ford is elected as <a data-mce-href="index.php/grand-lodge/grand-master" href="index.php/grand-lodge/grand-master" style="">Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan</a> for the current year.</div>
  • <h3>Grand Lodge Historian Wanted</h3><div style="">Want to improve our understanding of Freemasonry in Saskatchewan? <a data-mce-href="index.php/grand-lodge/news-from-grand-lodge/86-grand-lodge-historian-wanted" href="index.php/grand-lodge/news-from-grand-lodge/86-grand-lodge-historian-wanted" style="">Find out more about this new opportunity</a>. <strong><em>[Please login to access this page]</em></strong></div>
  • <h3>First Annual Masonic Symposium</h3><div>Grand Lodge is holding educational sessions in Regina and Saskatoon this spring. <a href="index.php/grand-lodge/news-from-grand-lodge/87-first-annual-masonic-symposium" data-mce-href="index.php/grand-lodge/news-from-grand-lodge/87-first-annual-masonic-symposium">Find out more here. Register by March 1, 2019.</a> <strong><em>[Please login to access this page]</em></strong></div>

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2018 Constitution

The latest version of the constitution of Grand Lodge is now available to download.

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Member Surveys

The Business Review Committee has released a series of online surveys of Saskatchewan brethren.

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