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Please come in, look around, and learn more about Freemasonry in Saskatchewan. The Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan, established  on August 9, 1906, comprises 58 Lodges and nearly three thousand members throughout the province. The "Craft Lodge" is the cornerstone of Freemasonry, the world's largest and oldest fraternity.

MW Bro Jack Colenutt GM 2013-2014

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At our Annual Communications held in Saskatoon on Saturday June 22nd., 2013. Jack Colenutt of Regina was installed the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan AF & AM.  

During his one year term, Jack, who emulates the Masonic principles of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth, will lead  nearly 3000 Freemasons of Saskatchewan.

Unity Kilwinning Lodge #73 Featured in Newspaper

[The following was published in the January 13, 2014 edition of the Unity-Wilkie Press-Herald and is reprinted with permission]

Masonry in Unity 100-plus years: friendship, philanthropy, amalgamation

Submitted by Byron Trapp

Unity Kilwinning Masonic Lodge No. 73 of the Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan is a Masonic fraternal lodge based on the premise of friendship and brotherly love.

Our fraternity focuses on the welfare of our brethren, our brethren's widow and those in dire need in our community. Our philanthropy is youth.

Unity Kilwinning Masonic Lodge supports local youth in the following ways: 1) $100 scholarship to the local music festival; 2) sponsor local youth from Grades 10 to 12 for attendance at a youth leadership camp at Wakaw Lake each year, if candidates want to attend; and 3) offer five scholarships totalling $6,300 to local high school graduates, along with a further $2,500 presented through the Order of the Eastern Star. Nine provincial scholarships of $1,000 each are also available through our lodge.

The scholarships awarded by the Unity Kilwinning Masonic Lodge are the Tommy Rutherford Scholarship of $1,000, the Tommy Rutherford Bursary of $500, the Unity Kilwinning Masonic Scholarship at Cut Knife of $300, the Jimmie and Ethel Anderson Memorial Bursary of $2,500 and the Isobel Anderson Physical Science Bursary of $2,000. The $2,500 scholarship awarded by the Order of the Eastern Star is also an Anderson Memorial Bursary.

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2010 UCHS graduate Alison Ryan receives a $1,000 provincial scholarship, the Robert Morrison Award, from the Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan. Presenting her with the award are local Masons RNB Vern Knowles (left) and WB Byron Trapp (right). The Unity Kilwinning Masonic Lodge No. 73 contributes thousands of dollars in scholarships to the graduating students at UCHS each year.

Provincially, the Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan awards six youth trust awards of $1,000 each, the Murray Montague Memorial Scholarship of $1,000, the Edgar Alexander Garton Award of $1,000 and the Robert Morrison Order of Eastern Star Award of $1,000. We have had local youth apply for and win some of these provincial scholarships.

We publish information about these scholarships in the local paper each spring and send all the information to each local high school.

Update from the Grand Master

What a wonderful time of the year – MAY. It is the time of planning and spending time in the sun. We especially look forward to the longer days and warm evenings. The Snowbirds are all back and preparing for all of the events that the warm weather brings. We are also in preparation of the Grand Lodge Annual Communication. This year it will be held in Regina at the Ramada Plaza Hotel. Because the Farm Progress Show is always held in Regina during the third week of June, any other function must select another date. This means that our Annual Communication must necessarily be held on June 26th to June 28th - the fourth week. I get to be the Grand Master for an extra week and the subsequent Grand Master's term will be shorted one week.

It has been a busy year for me and I have enjoyed it immensely. I still have almost two months left to fulfil my term and I plan to make the most of it. A trip is planned to Ft. Buford in North Dakota on May 16th and 17th for a Dedication Ceremony. It is also my intention to attend the Grand Lodge of Alberta and the Grand Lodge of Manitoba in early June. At the end of May, Grand Council of Cryptic Rite Masons of Western Canada and also the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons will be held in Regina. I also plan to complete as many visits as possible to our Lodges in Saskatchewan. My calendar is located on the Website and I encourage and welcome you to participate when/where possible.

My year is the year of Masonic Awareness. It relates to all aspects of Masonry: the Inner Mason, the Outer Mason, the Lodge Mason, the Community Mason and Masonry in life. I encourage visitations to other lodges and look forward to visiting with you in Lodge.


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